Pandemic Recovery, Economic Vitality

COVID Aftermath

Some Hayward families are still suffering from lost jobs, reduced income, and reduced business revenue caused by the pandemic. To effectively direct recovery resources, we must identify which sectors have bounced back and which need additional support.

Prioritize Hayward Workers

I will work to attract employers who will prioritize Hayward workers for quality jobs with living wages and make sure employers know Hayward has the trained and educated workforce they want. By leaning into our “gown to town” identity with our educational institutions, and bringing together industry, labor, and our city government, we can attract employers who will encourage our young people to stay and thrive in Hayward.

Expand Shopping Options

Many Hayward neighborhoods lack nearby access to quality shopping options. I will work with our Economic Development Division to protect and grow our commercial shopping centers so we can all find what we need right here in our community.