Clean Streets, Safe Community

Sidewalk and Road Maintenance

As a mom, I know how treacherous a cracked sidewalk can be for a kid learning to ride a bike or just starting to run. Sidewalk and road maintenance will be a priority for me to keep our neighborhoods safe for everyone.

Traffic Safety

Making sure my kids can get to and from school safely has made me realize we can do more to keep our children safe. By installing speed-calming measures and improving visibility and signage at key intersections, we can prevent accidents and keep everyone in Hayward safe.

Clean Neighborhoods

We all deserve to feel proud of our neighborhoods. We can achieve that by keeping our streets free of garbage, removing abandoned cars, responding to illegal-dumping calls, and securing abandoned and blighted buildings. At the same time, protecting green spaces, planting more trees, and beautifying roadways will preserve the character of our neighborhoods and maintain our quality of life.