Julie on the Issues

As a Hayward City Councilmember you will be able to count on me to listen first, collaborate with others, and then take action to move Hayward forward on the issues that matter:


  • SIDEWALK AND ROAD MAINTENANCE: As a mom, I know how treacherous a cracked sidewalk can be for a kid learning to ride a bike or just starting to run, I’ve bandaged many skinned knees and elbows as a result of a buckled sidewalk that snuck up on my little ones. Sidewalk and road maintenance will be a priority for me to keep our neighborhoods safe for everyone.
  • TRAFFIC SAFETY: Making sure my kids can get to and from school safely has made me realize we can do more to keep our children safe. By putting in speed calming measures, and improving visibility and signage at key intersections, we can prevent accidents and keep everyone in Hayward – young, old, individuals and families – safe and out of harm’s way.
  • CLEAN NEIGHBORHOODS: We all deserve to feel proud of our neighborhoods. By keeping our streets free of garbage, removing abandoned cars, being responsive to illegal dumping calls and secure abandoned and blighted buildings, we can achieve that. At the same time, protecting green spaces, planting more trees, and beautifying roadways will preserve the character of our neighborhoods and maintain our quality of life.


  • HOMELESSNESS: Hayward has been responsive to the needs of the unhoused by building the Navigation Center and by bringing the Downtown Streets Team to Hayward. Despite these positive steps, there is still more work to do to provide multiple levels of support needed to address the problem successfully. For example, we can’t let businesses just fend for themselves when it comes to cleaning up storefronts and parking lots after people have been living there. There must be a collaborative solution. I’m committed to finding one. In my experience, working together works.
  • HOUSING: Everyone from seniors, to families, to young professionals needs housing that they can afford. However, what is considered “affordable” is still beyond the reach of many Hayward residents. I will work to find solutions to our housing deficits that are customized to Hayward, housing that creates livable, walkable communities with access to parks, jobs, shopping and transportation alternatives.
  • SENIOR HOUSING AND SERVICES: Many seniors have been isolated throughout the pandemic, and services such as congregate meal programs have not come back yet. In order to keep seniors healthy and in safe, stable housing, we need to prioritize support services that go directly to those in need, such as at-home wellness checks and food and prescription delivery.

Pandemic recovery and economic vitality

  • COVID AFTERMATH: Some Hayward families are still dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic with lost jobs, reduced income, or small business owners who haven’t seen the return to pre-pandemic norms. It will be important to identify which sectors have bounced back and which may need additional support so we can direct resources effectively.
  • PRIORITIZE HAYWARD WORKERS: I will work to attract employers who will prioritize Hayward workers for quality jobs with living wages and make sure employers know Hayward has the trained and educated workforce they are looking for. By leaning into our “gown to town” identity with our educational institutions, and bringing together industry, labor, and our city government, we can attract employers that can count on a dynamic worker pool that will allow our young people stay and thrive in Hayward.
  • EXPAND SHOPPING OPTIONS: During the pandemic we all tried to stay close to home either doing our grocery and household essentials shopping online or taking quick trips to our local markets. The problem is many neighborhoods are lacking nearby access to quality shopping options. I will work with our Economic Development Division to protect and grow our commercial shopping centers so that we can all find what we need right here in our community.


  • CLIMATE: I am deeply committed to protecting our environment and proud to live in Hayward where our city government has taken extensive measures to “think globally and act locally.” Hayward is a leader in tackling the climate crises with our switch to 100% renewable energy sources, installation of the solar array at our waste water treatment facility and our new, state-of-the-art, super energy efficient downtown City Library. I will stay committed to keep Hayward at the forefront of climate policy innovation.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: I will also continue the important work that the City has begun around Environmental Justice, making sure we are minimizing exposure to pollution for all residents, addressing the inadequate access to healthy food in some neighborhoods and making sure when City funds go to improving neighborhoods those funds are distributed equitably so we can all stay healthy and feel safe and proud of where we live.