Hayward Is My Home

Hayward is a vibrant, thriving community. Here’s how I came to call Hayward my home

When I met my husband, he lived near downtown Hayward. So, my introduction to the city was a magical one because it was the beginning of our now 16-year marriage. We explored the restaurants, hiked Garin Park, strolled the Japanese Garden and Hayward Shoreline, and enjoyed the Russell City Blues Festival.

Through our exploring, I came to realize that Hayward has it all: a diverse, welcoming community; all levels of education opportunity; a perfect climate; hills and bay trails to hike and bike; easy access to anywhere in the Bay Area. 

When we married and searched the Bay Area for our home, we chose to settle in Hayward, in the Fairway Park neighborhood. Since then, living and raising children here have inspired me to get fully involved in the community and begin to make a difference. Now more than ever, Hayward is worth every hour I invest in it as a volunteer, mother, advocate and public servant. Especially now, after years living here, I’m proud to call Hayward my home!

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